I will hold your hand tight,

And walk by your side.

I shall not ask where we head,

Does it even matter?

I may talk too much on the way,

But if I do, be assured that all’s well.

I talk when I’m happy.

It’s when I fall silent that you must worry.

I may ask hundreds of questions,

Sometimes even before you have answered the previous one.

It’s my inquisitiveness you see,

I want to understand you inside out.

I shall tell you when I’m tired,

When my feet give in.

Wait for me to take some rest,

Or keep walking without me. I shall join in.

And yes, let me know when it is me you are tired of.

I shall not judge you.

I shall disappear, only to meet you again,

In the same place, asking the same questions,

Starting from where I had left last time.

Remember – in our quest for each other,

There are no shoulds and musts.

It’s just you, me and our desire to be together.

Together as we walk, and even in our decision to part.

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Autumn, you and I

Let me take each step with you,

Let me walk each journey with you.

Walking with you doesn’t feel as such,

No matter the number of miles we cover.

In fact I feel like I’m flying,

As I observe the world around me from at a safe distance.

Your presence takes me into a meditative stance,

Where I care neither of my past, nor of the days that lie ahead.

My racing breath reminds me of where I am,

In this present moment.

It’s never about what you do for me,

The ‘doing’ barely matters.

It’s about how you make me feel,

About myself more than anybody else.

In your company, I feel like a princess,

Only to become the Cinderella after your departure.

If i could choose now, I would choose to spend all seasons of the year in your arms, watching the trees turn from green to yellow and eventually red, gracing the roads for us to walk. Our red carpet of natural joy!

Let me take each step with you,

Let me walk each journey with you.

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Problems? Who cares?

Of what problems does the world speak of?

Those trivial concerns that you convert into fun, merely with your presence?

Things that ordinarily make my thoughts churn,

Turning my hair grey at the edges,

Seem like Sudoku puzzles that we often solve together with our morning coffee.

Like curious children, we fight to plug in numbers,

And clap wide-eyed at our own abilities.

One number here and the other there,

And the puzzle is solved.

“Seriously?” We look at each other with eyes full of surprise.

It’s almost like crushing tiny mud castles with our feet,

As we giggle in ecstasy,

Asking for more on our way.

What problems does the world talk about?

The things that we solve together, hand in hand?

Why can’t we have more?

After all, they are just one of the things we like to do together.

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It’s all in your eyes my dear

Look at me with love and compassion,

And unlock the angel that lives within me.

That bright soul that lights up the world around her.

Look at me with perpetual disdain,

And unleash the turmoil that hides beneath my surface.

And then complain not at the horrendous sight of your own creation.

It’s all in your eyes my dear.

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The day I snapped

You played with me as you liked,

Pulled me and stretched as you pleased.

You felt strong and powerful,

much more of a man,

As I groaned in excruciating pain.

I tried my best until I snapped,

Between your fingers, limp as a fish.

And you still remain upset – this time that I caused you pain.

And that I gave in too early.

I think some people like me, always cause pain,

And some like you, who must always complain.

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The clock on the wall

We never intended to be friends,

You know it just happened.

Each time you were with me,

I looked at him again and again,

My eyes wet in supplication – asking him to slow down and prevent you from leaving.

Each time you left,

I stared at him again – this time with blame and anger.

He had not heeded my request.

Each time I waited for you,

My heart beating like a drum,

I pleaded to him, asking him to hasten, move forward quickly.. before I died of anxiety.

As I waited for you, or lay in your arms, or saw you leave – my eyes always met his.

And that’s how we became best friends – me and the clock on the wall.

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My safe place

Come, give me your hand,

Let me take you to my safe place.

It’s my little corner in this massive world,

Where I take my mask off.

Come, let me show you who I really am,

Talkative, silly and child-like.

I’m not as sensible and mature as you think.

Don’t let the mask fool you.

Come, remove those tinted glasses,

And peep into my paradise,

And mock me not,

For I know you are not what you appear to be too!

That’s our little secret.

Come, see for yourself, the carefree butterfly with fluorescent wings,

That cocoons itself again, as it steps out of its safe place.

Don’t judge it – it’s not bad, just scared.

Come – let’s share this safe place – you and me!

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The Black magic of love

Tell me how you do that,

These wonderful ripples you create.

Is it just your physical body,

Or a deeper, invisible part of you?

Your mere presence stirs sensations,

That I barely knew before.

Do feelings have colours too?

Then why do I see a rainbow each time my brain processes a thought of you?

With even the slightest touch of you,

Waves of sinful pleasure rise in my spine.

And like shooting stars,

Dart to corners I barely knew existed in my body.

Let me guess what gives you that power over me- you gentle sorcerer I adore!

Is it the rustiness of you hair that tickles me everywhere?

No, it’s something else.

Is it the perfume of your exhalation, the most intoxicating fragrance that ever teased my nostrils?

No, there’s more.

Is it the black magic you cast with your deep brown eyes, rendering me incapable of movement?

No, this doesn’t explain too.

Or is it the bittersweet journey of your long nails all over me? How could pain ever be so delicious?

But I think I know now.. I have my answer.

It’s all of these things and yet none of these.

The answer lies not in the magic but in the magician.

It’s you, in all your colours.

It’s you, the whole of you- my delicious sorcerer!

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You – my reason

I still remember my first feeling,

Of your first day in my life.

You felt like a fresh, fragrant breeze

On a blistered skin, freshly-charred.

You were the reason I started to hope,

And for the first time more than just breathed.

Even the silliest of tasks,

Felt like intellectual pursuits in your company.

You were the reason I started smiling,

Something my facial muscles were barely trained for.

After all, your compliments gave me more energy,

Than anything I ate during the day.

However, time not only heals, it reveals too.

Things changed and so did you.

Or may be you didn’t – you were always like this.

It was my rose-tinted glasses that came in the way.

Baby, you still remain my reason,

As you did from the start.

But this time for stripping me of my self-worth,

And questioning the very fabric of humanity.

You are now the reason I’m scared to trust anymore,

The reason why even my tears have dried up.

You my love, are the reason why an innocent, young girl has turned into an eagle-eyed, bitter woman.

Nonetheless, you are precious. You still give me reasons – a new one each day.

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The new year – my new hope

It’s another year they say,

But to me sounds no fun.

Though our little blue planet,

Has finished another round of the sun.

She starts again this night,

On a voyage fresh and new.

If she is ready to roll again,

I think I’m ready too.

This year I’ll shed my old skin,

And come out fresh and young.

Love myself a little more,

And treat life as just begun.

This year I won’t deny my feelings,

And from my truth no more refrain.

Next year as the earth is near the finish line,

I shall make this wish again.

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