A Note to my Readers

Happy 1st Birthday Blog!

Believe it or not, the blog turns one today. It was on May 19 last year that I had written my first-ever post titled ‘Just a cup of coffee’ under the Working Woman Short Story series.

Trust me, it feels that it has been much longer since it has existed, may be in my head if not in cyber space.

Thanks to your kind readership, the blog has clocked nearly 4,800 views with over 3,200 visitors in its journey so far. These views come pre-dominantly from within India, with some also from China, Hong Kong, Australia, and the United States among others. One feels really blessed to witness such statistics.

The last year saw a mix of short stories, poetry, posts on financial literacy and random thoughts among other things and I consider that a reasonable way to have started out. The ‘juiciest’ posts last year related to my experiences with my father and they became an instant hit with friends, relatives and readers alike. Their reactions and supplications to stop still amuse me to the core.

Let me also apologise for the long lags in writing schedules over the course of the last couple of months. Work pressure and pre-occupation with other things ended up drying up my creative ideas, only to be thawed every now and then. They still exist (I think!) and that makes me feel better.

Just like any individual or living entity, the blog has a life of its own, its own identity, which is distinct and separate from me, its writer.

I wish the blog luck in the years to come and thank you once again, for your kind patronage.

Keep reading and stay in touch!


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A note to my readers

Dear Readers,

Wish you a very good morning!

I write this note to apprise you of three significant developments:

First, that the blog completed two months yesterday (the first ever post had come out on May 19 this year) and also over 2,500 views. I happened to notice this last night and have been craving since, to write to you. It has been an overwhelming experience to connect to such a wide audience, express myself meaningfully and exchange thoughts, all of which I thought of as extremely undoable, till about two months ago.

A clarification here – I quote the number of blog views not to boast, but express gratitude and share my happiness. Trust me, blogging has given me something very fundamental to human existence – liberation. Having always wanted to write, it has given me a really wide-reaching and cost-effective solution. With every post, I have emerged wiser (or so I feel!) and more mature to handle my own thoughts as well as communicate them. I have received personal messages from friends, family and others who have written to me to just let me know that they could connect with the writing. This in its truest sense, IS liberation. Thanks for this.

Second, with every story I have been putting up every Tuesday, I am gradually exhausting my supply of plots that I had penned down casually in the past. Unfortunately, even when there are plots I can write about, the very little time that I have on hand these days makes it difficult for me weave up a document, that I would have liked to read. Having said that, I think that time is ripe that I take a break from the short stories and come back with a bang, when I really have something to entertain the readers with. Putting up something that I am not convinced about is the last thing I want to do. So you may see no stories for few weeks but I promise that you will see them again. Meanwhile, random thoughts and poetry will keep coming in from time to time, because those stem from thoughts that prohibit me from sleeping in peace, till I have penned them down creatively. By the way, don’t be surprised to see some post on food or vegetarian recipes some day. The human mind is a bossy master – it does things you least expect.

Third, the vacuum created by not writing short stories will not be easy to deal with and to compensate for that guilt, I am contemplating starting a series of posts on personal financial management, that aim at educating the Indian working class population, about how to deal with their own money. It’s not about wealth creation or multiplication of your money.All  it just tells you is how to manage your resources by keeping track and carefully analysing your incomes and expenditures, so that you can both spend and save and reduce the chances of running out of money through careful planning.

Financial management is something I have been very passionate about, given my educational background. It is, in fact, so deep a part of me,that it makes writing about it, an almost effortless exercise, except for the time it will take to plan the contents and their sequence. I sincerely hope that you will continue to read the series, every once a week and take it seriously. All you must do is read – reflect and apply, but regularly!

The best analogy I offer my students is that of a course of anti-biotics. One dose skipped and the course is wasted.

Please feel free to write to me in case you wish to see a particular topic covered in the financial management series. I will be happy to write back to you. Also, I hope that you will understand my constraints and continue to benefit from the posts I write. There is no greater reward and will never be.


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