Problems? Who cares?

Of what problems does the world speak of?

Those trivial concerns that you convert into fun, merely with your presence?

Things that ordinarily make my thoughts churn,

Turning my hair grey at the edges,

Seem like Sudoku puzzles that we often solve together with our morning coffee.

Like curious children, we fight to plug in numbers,

And clap wide-eyed at our own abilities.

One number here and the other there,

And the puzzle is solved.

“Seriously?” We look at each other with eyes full of surprise.

It’s almost like crushing tiny mud castles with our feet,

As we giggle in ecstasy,

Asking for more on our way.

What problems does the world talk about?

The things that we solve together, hand in hand?

Why can’t we have more?

After all, they are just one of the things we like to do together.

Image taken from Google images

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