Month: February 2019

Collaborative effort and selflessness

The idea of one’s own smallness is rather alien to human understanding. However, this smallness may make logical sense when understood relative to a much larger scheme of things, that lie way past us, holding us together and yet, way too distant from us.

It is probably a deliberate and happier choice for us to realise that it’s the ‘process’ that matters, and not the identity and individual achievements of the persons who perform them.

It is not to say that individual contributions don’t matter, but merely to indicate what is more important. This is not to kill or stifle motivation, but rather enhance it way beyond ourselves, for outcomes that reach way past us. Simply, detached and selfless performance.

It is not to have no goal in mind, but a deep understanding of the vastness of the goal that extends beyond our individual and even collective selves. Are we not mere instruments in the process? Pieces of jigsaw that must contribute to the creation of a magnificent picture that ensnares the beholder?

With that vision in mind, would there remain any room to claim ‘I did this, while you did only that!’ in collaborative effort of any kind?

Image taken from Google images