The fool’s lonely journey to paradise

I’ve started on a journey,

On a road unknown.

A road that winds and curls,

And twists in the most unexpected places.

I’ve started nonetheless,

And sometimes I wonder why I did at all.

But it’s too late now,

There’s no scope to turn around.

Not because I can’t,

Or I don’t remember the way back.

But because I’ve tasted the adrenaline that comes with this uncharted march.

It’s an addictive freedom, that tastes sweeter with each step.

I feel like a bloodhound that has tasted human blood for the first time.

Something about it’s dietary preferences has changed permanently.

There’s no return possible now.

So I continue to walk,

Till my heels give way.

But physical pain has ceased to matter.

I hear voices of passers-by,

‘she’s crazy’ they whisper as they stare.

I smile and keep moving.

How blissful this craziness is,

Neither can I explain nor can they ever understand.

It’s like being in a fool’s paradise,

Even when the creator is a fool, the creation is paradise.

I keep walking, heels bleeding.

I don’t know where I’m headed – all I know is that I want to keep going.

Probably I don’t have any destination.

Now I think I never had one.

in fact I think no one ever has a destination.

It’s just the journey that matters.

The fool’s lonely journey to paradise.

Image taken from Google images


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