I am…white

Do not attach those labels on me please, those that call me this or that, for they force on me the belief that I cannot be both, for ‘this’ and ‘that’ cannot exist together.

I know I can be silent for hours, only to chat for hours soon after. I talk too wisely for my age often, and may then surprise you with my child-like understanding of things.

I may seem to be a goddess to you at times, offering unending love and joy. But don’t gape in wonder when you see the angry me, eyes burning in rage.

I am silent, talkative, introvert, extrovert, curious, indifferent, wise, foolish and so much more, albeit at different times. Why are you surprised?

There is nothing that I am not. I am everything.

I am the blend of all the shades of all the colours you can imagine. I am WHITE.

Image taken from Google images



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