Month: May 2018

To organise and to live

They say there’s a lot to be done,

Things I’ve ignored long enough.

Things to do to look organised,

Neat and tidy, and all that stuff.

There’s a thousand mails to delete,

The mailbox is filling fast.

Tens of lists to unsubscribe to,

Before the mailbox breathes its last.

Oh yes there’s a Dropbox too,

And all important stuff it must store.

How can I forget the anti-virus software,

Isn’t prevention better than cure?

There are books to dust and arrange,

And linen to press and fold.

The fridge needs another look too,

Not to forget the cheese with the mould.

Oh this one I just remembered,

The one I most dread.

This box has both rust and dust,

And this one’s called my head.

Image taken from Google images